The Cupola

A commission that I completed about 5 years ago.

A scaled down architectural replica of a roof vent on the main office of a university
A scaled-down replica of a signature architectural feature on a local university campus. The Client required the use of locally and campus salvaged woods in the construction.
man using bandsaw to cut wood
Numerous tapered white pine staves had to be milled to form the the three components of the cupola project.
man using metal plane to smooth wood surface
Each stave then needed to be carefully planed on both sides
man using woodworking router to surface end grain of object
Once the components were glued together their ends had to be flattened and made parallel.
man holding a wood turning gouge and a large pencil drawing on plywood of an architectural cupola. Man is sitting in front of large wood lathe.
When The project begins, a full scale drawing is produced on board. This can be taken to the client and placed in whatever space it will eventually occupy; this helps to prevent inconvenient misunderstandings.
Lathe Work on UWSP Cupola project
Turning a large blank round. This work was done on one of the Powermatic lathes at the UWSP Art department Wood Studio. These lathes were top-of-the-line and an absolute pleasure to work with. UWSP students are fortunate to have access to equipment of this caliber. Photograph: Tom Charlesworth.
Man standing at wood lathe checking fit of turned object to a template
Templates were made and the glued up wood blanks were turned on the lathe to conform to the shape.
Man carving letters into wooden object
Carving letters into the base of the cupola project

© 2019 Joseph Hoover. Sticks and Glue. All Rights Reserved.

Photos: © Tom Charlesworth All Rights Reserved.

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