The Furniture Restoration Tool List: Shaping Parts

Adding sculptural elements to our woodworking projects may make them more interesting or help us reference a particular style. In Restoration, our choice is removed; when a piece comes into the shop missing parts, we need to recreate and finish them to match what's missing.

A Demi-Lune Table ca. 1810

This table was brought to my shop for repair. The condition was just what you might expect from a table of this type and age; loose leg joints and hinge joint damage on the folding top. It had a number of secondary issues as well, loosened and cracked veneer, a damaged finish with numerous dents and missing sections of cross-grain banding. It was barely standing upright.

The Furniture Restoration List: Planes

Essentially a woodworking plane is a wide, flat chisel suspended in a wooden or now almost exclusively, metal jig. I have provided examples of planes that have worked well in my shop and some that don't see very much use but are interesting.

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