Welcome. This blog is a place where I share general musings about craft of furniture making, wooden object restoration or woodworking in general. I’ll share photos of work and process, along with some practical advice and instruction for beginners at either woodworking or restoration, and the simply lignin-curious. Questions are welcome, and I will make an effort to get to them promptly. I work for myself and I do not represent any manufacturer or retailer; so what you are getting here is my opinion based upon my experience. If I do recommend a tool or a source its because they have worked for me and not due to any remunerative relationship with a sponsor.

I began this blog effort after spending some time discovering the world of woodworking information (and misinformation) available on the internet, and I then decided to share some of my own practical experiences, hoping to aid other woodworkers searching for the sort of knowledge that I was also looking for when I began my journey into this craft, especially tips about needed tools and accessories. I have found over time that about 30% of the tools I originally purchased proved ultimately of little or no use. Other tools and devices that I may have dismissed initially have turned out to be rather useful. I live and learn, and so try to remain open minded regarding the varied resources that are available to aid woodworkers in getting the work done.

A Word About Photos

If there is such a thing as a genetic predisposition towards photography I do not have it. I have learned very slowly and relied for years upon the kindness of others to take pictures for me; it was only with the smart phone that I began to get tolerable photos. Many of the photos I have taken of restoration work in progress were not taken anticipating their use in an explanatory blog; there were simply for my reference. As I move forward I will be taking photos with sharing them in mind.

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